Kim Askew - vocalist Kim Askew was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and began her life long love affair with music at a young age. Ultimately, she found her passion for singing while listening to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole, and Chaka Khan .and of course being molded by the music her mother Norma would play. Kim would often sit up in her room and sing along with the artist on the records until one day she discovered that she could pretty much do that on her own with out mimicking the records. Kim has been performing professionally for over twenty five years. She has been performing in night clubs and theaters up and down the east coast and all through the Midwest .Kim also enjoys acting, her first debut as an actress was in 2000. she’s had rolls in several plays though out the state. although acting was an interesting diversion, Kim says that music will always be her first love, Kim has opened up for many artist such as Kool & the gang, Janet Jackson, and usher, Kim Lived in Chicago for several years where she has performed and recorded with several bands there and in the Midwest as well as some Pittsburgh artist. One of which was a band that she sang lead with called The House of Soul, which was ranked Pittsburgh's Number one R&B/Soul Band, Kim is also one of the lead vocalist of the group Platinum, Kim recently released her solo debut CD entitled All Of My Lovin . Kim enjoys recording in the studio, but yet loves the intensity of live performances as well. Kim's strong but yet smooth soulful voice and her upbeat stage presence is her trademark. Kim knows how to fuse the best element of jazz gospel and R&B, This is a talent your sure to enjoy


Darryl Askew

Band Leader Vocalist-Bass- Keys Darryl Askew began his professional career in 1976 at the young age of 15, playing bass guitar for several popular local groups in Pittsburgh. Askew originally played drums before taking on the bass guitar. Darryl began playing the Bass when he was twelve years old. A unique playing style, Darryl plays left-handed, with a right-hand bass, turned backwards, flipped upside down with the G-string on top.  After a couple of years, he decided to pursue a singing career. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Darryl Askew was the youngest of 13 children and was constantly bombarded with just about every genre of music as he was growing up. He had four brothers and eight sisters, some of whom went on to have music careers of their own. His father, Emanuel "Slim" Askew, was a smooth baritone in the church choir. His mother, Laura was a pianist in the church. His sister Veronica is a singer/songwriter and pianist in the church, and Sister Sharon, and older brother Charles (Chink) sing in the church as well. Not different from most gifted, talented and successful artists, Darryl was exposed to a wide variety of music with his older brothers and sisters playing all that good old Motown music along with a lot of other good music from that era, and his father listening to the big band sound and classical music, and of course his mother playing the piano in church. In the early 1970's Darryl's brother Darwin (Hank) Askew was heavy on the DiscJocky seen in New Jersey, Darryl was captivated by Hanks ability to speak on the mic and spin records the way he did and thought, I want to do that, well he did. Darryl went to school and achieved a degree in broadcasting; however the desire to create music over came the desire to spin records. Although it was his brother Stan, who inspired him to play the bass, Darryl's sister Veronica had a pretty big influence on his musical career. In the mid to late 1970's he and Veronica formed a band called Silver lining, which they performed a lot of corporate and private engagements as well as in several of the clubs around the Pittsburgh area. Although Darryl enjoyed performing the cover songs/songs you hear on the radio, as a gifted songwriter, Darryl had a desire to record the songs he wrote. At that time it was hard to find people who played other instruments to find the time to record. Being that most songs consists of more then just bass guitar, Darryl had to teach himself how to play the keys, that way he would be able to compose and record a full song with a whole rhythm section playing every instrument himself. in 1980 Darryl went on the road for several years doing what they called the hotel circuit that was the big thing back then, in 1996 Darryl joined a pretty well known DooWoop/oldies group called the memories. He sing with them for about a year, the group has been around for a long time and a lot of the members was about to retire. Well one of the groups original artist Jerry Mellix noticed what an enjoyment Darryl was having with the group and offered him leadership of the band, Darryl had to change the name from the Memories to the New Memories simply because Personnel changed which meant the sound changed a little. This was very exciting for Darryl because it consist of five front guys doing mega steps and choreography and sweet soulful harmonies. It was fun because it was like the temps & the tops & groups like that. The group had great success for about two years then it was time for a new avenue. In 2000 Darryl formed a group called Platinum. They performed everything from Funk/R&B/Ballads & Originals. The group is still going strong today. Darryl is extremely busy writing and recording in the studio. Actually he just finished up a project on his wife Kim Askew and currently working on two more projects one of which is a cover CD entitled Re- Creations. & a New CD with He & His Wife. Every since Darryl was a little boy music has always been in his heart and soul, and he will forever be under the influence of music.



Platinum is one of R&B music's most beloved and consistently popular vocal groups.   Platinum was formed in 1999 by lead vocalist Darryl Askew, and his friends Carlo Valotta, Mike O’Leary from another local singing group soon joined the group.  Platinum performed in a lot of the local clubs in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  Prior to joining with Platinum, Mike had also played in the band called the New Memories along with Darryl.  Platinum has gone thru several female vocalists along the way to counterpart with Darryl, but it wasn’t until 2002 when Kim joined the band.  That’s when things really started to click -- almost like magic. Kim was the former lead vocalist with another well known local Band called the House of Soul. Kim had such a dynamic voice, stage presence, charisma, and the sweetest personality you ever want to meet!  Darryl and Kim gelled instantly, the band now had a sound chemistry, their vocal style harkens back to a more genteel era of crooning with their silky smooth voices but yet they can groove and move an audience. As their popularity continues to grow, Platinum has a great appreciation for their loyal fans, and of course they always welcome new ones. Audiences are hungry for great songs with timeless melodies, and you can expect great songs and a stellar performance from this great band…PLATINUM.

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Dec 18, 2019
Mary"s Vine
Rankin PA
Dec 20, 2019
Pub In the park
Swissvale PA
Dec 21, 2019
Twin Oaks
White Oak pa
Dec 22, 2019
Eighty Acres
Plum PA
Dec 27, 2019
The Wooden Nickel
Monroeville PA

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